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    Smile How to install Moodle to wordpress?

    Hi, I am using wp to build my business website, in which there's a paid course involved. I would like to install Moodle into the wp interface, but didn't find the way. I checked Moodle instruction, they don't have specific instruction for wp, and I checked their forum, also didn't find anything I could understand. Could anyone tell me how to install it to wp? Thank you.

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    Wordpress is an entirely different PHP program than Moodle so you can integrate them into each other. You can however, install Moodle on a subdomain and link to that subdomain from your WordPress site. The subdomain can be something like,

    You can try creating a custom Moodle Theme to match your WordPress site theme. This will require some scripting knowledge.

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    Thank you for the information. I will see what I could do.

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    I second the advice from hostroid.
    This is your best bet.

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    Thank you for the reply and recommendation.

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    Moodle WooCommerce Integration Plugin


    If I understand your requirement correctly, what you need is a way to sell you Moodle course in WordPress. You can build your website using WooCommerce, the eCommerce plugin for WordPress. In Order to be able to synchronize Moodle courses with the WooCommerce store you can use the Moodle WooCommerce Integration plugin by WisdmLabs
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