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    Looking for a cheap 1gbps backup server

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for a cheap backup server connected to a gigabit uplink. Traffic can be limited to 5TB/Month.

    We'd need x2 2TB drives in software RAID1. Any location will do.

    I'd go for a Kimsufi server over OVH with 2x 2TB for $49/month but they're limited to 100mbps, which will take 10 times longer to transfer the backups compared to a gigabit port :/

    I don't really know which budget providers are good and cheap so I'm having a hard time here. I took a look on FDC Servers, but I guess their "unmetered" uplink make the servers more expensive so I'm looking for alternatives.

    Cloud storage such as Amazon S3, Rackspace and Dropbox is a no-no (expensive!)

    Any suggestions?


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    You should pretty much have your choice of might have to up your budget $10 or $15, but if you shop around and ask for outlet/bargain servers, you shouldn't have a problem. Most providers offer over 5TB of bandwidth by default now as well.

    I wouldn't recommend going with a cloud, since as you mentioned, you could easily end up with a large bill for the storage/traffic. With a dedicated server, your costs will be fixed, so it's unlikely you'd have that problem.

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    if you are after a server with a 1Gbps port speed by capped bandwidth, then you can pretty much choose any provider. If you are using it for backups, then I suggest you look at RAID.
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  4. Same dilema, we actually need 2 more servers for backup purpose.
    Only OVH/KS seams to offer something cheap, but the 100mbps is really killing it.
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    If you're looking for something like Atom based servers, then that shouldn't be too hard to find with 5 TB of bandwidth on a 1 Gbps uplink at ~$50 give or take $15/mo.
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    Try Hetzner, they have good prices and speeds.
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