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    [AU] Exigent :: Last Day For $10 XEN VM :: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

    We offer a range of virtual private & dedicated servers while giving you the flexibility in upgrading your resources at anytime.

    Hosted on our new DELL R-710 series servers, your virtual server will be hosted on true 64bit virtualization hardware offering the best performance for your new virtual server with us.

    For over 3 years, we've brought our customers a fast, reliable & affordable virtual servers with a guaranteed 24 x 7 technical support team. Being Australian owned means that we offer our services here in Australia with a point of presence in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

    Until midnight Sunday 29th September, we're offering XEN Flexi servers from only $10/month.

    No promotion code is needed and these prices are for the life of the account.

    Check out our Flexi XEN virtual server plans today


    Why Choose Exigent Enterprise?

    - We are a well established ISP since 2009;
    - We have a Point of Presence (PoP) in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane and continuing to expand throughout Australia;
    - We are always continuing to improve our services based on customer feedback;
    - We own our infrastructure and continue to invest in the best technology possible for our customers;
    - We monitor and maintain our network around the clock for the best uptime & performance for our customers;
    - We have a manned 24 x 7 level 1 & level 2 technical support team;
    - We always offer the best solution for our customers at the best price possible;
    - We offer a number of add-ons for our customers so they can upgrade their virtual servers resources at anytime.

    Our Technical Support Team
    Our technical support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our technical support team are dedicated to resolving your issue (to small or to big) within hours, not days.

    Our Infrastructure
    We own & maintain our own infrastructure allowing us to resolve any hardware & network hiccups that may arise from time to time which means this allows us to give you a faster resolution time.

    Customer Portals
    We use only the best customer portals throughout the industry where we can offer our customers the control they need to be able to better manage their hosting services.

    Want to get started with a Virtual Server today?
    All of our virtual servers offer instant activation so that your new virtual server is setup & online within minutes. Simply visit our website today and check out our Virtual Server plans.

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    Are these based on Xen or KVM?
    Can I upload my own ISO?

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