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    Question i need Teaching syllabus for hosting industial

    hi all
    i wana teching my 10 experiences about Hosting Industrial and Hardening security in this field.
    but i dont have any Teaching syllabus for this industrial
    do you have?
    i need a Teaching syllabus that contain pre requirements knowledge about hosting
    or if you known Hosting Certification Course , please give me the name or the Teaching syllabus
    i see this :
    but this article is very general and i need details .
    can you help me .
    i want teaching this thread :
    1-OS & Control Panels
    3- HDD Management
    4- webservers
    5-network solutions
    7-Hardening Security & Security security consultant
    8- Penetration Testing

    if you want learning hosting to the your support staff how teaching them ?

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    You may read all the tutorials, my friend.

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    Didnt you check linux courses available in your area?
    Openvz SolusVm VPS DDOS Protected Canada & Romania
    Dedicated Servers And Satellite Dish Colocation with 1Gbps For IPTV
    Canada Anti DDOS Webhosting, Reseller Hosting, WHMsonic, WHMsonic Resellers

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