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    MediaTemple review / feedback

    Since I've started posting my experience with various hosts on this forum I thought I should post about (mt). I've rented a (dv) server from them for about 5 years, which is what they call VPS.


    The uptime of the server has been excellent; I don't think it was ever down except when I took it down. Scheduled maintenance happened once or twice during this time and took very little time; always much shorter than the planned time. Very happy with this.


    Initially excellent, although over time drifted more towards "acceptable". We did put a lot of stuff on this 1GB RAM box, so it's not really MT's fault.

    Download speeds for files were acceptable but not stellar, but then I only tested them from the UK, while the servers are in California I believe. 90ms ping from California to UK is the best I've ever seen.

    Support response

    MT's support has been impressive through our entire 5 year stay with them. It's not instantaneous, but for the money it would be silly to expect anything more. They never "lose" the support tickets and invariably respond 8-16 hours later.

    In terms of quality, the responses were on topic and useful, certainly not dismissive. Occasionally they'd help with things that weren't directly part of the support promise.

    Control panel

    This server came with Plesk + MT's own control panel. Most of the administration happened through Plesk, but some account controls through MT's. Also DNS records were configured through MT's panel. This feedback is probably not very useful anymore because I believe they are rolling out / have rolled out an all-new all-MT control panel, which I'm sure is great but our old VM won't get it.

    Still, had no problems with the control panel although we did a lot of things via the root access too.

    No FUSE

    Because of how the OS is virtualized, we couldn't install FUSE, and it wasn't built-in. This was quite an inconvenience.

    Bang for the buck

    Initially $50/mo for what they offered was a good price. Over time, however, it became more and more expensive compared to the competition. Today, $50/mo for a linux box with 1GB of RAM and 20GB of disk is far too expensive I reckon.

    So on this front, consider MT a highly premium operation. To me, despite what I've said so far, it's just a bit too expensive for a reasonably specced machine, and 1GB RAM just doesn't cut it anymore.

    I guess I just can't afford top-notch support, however given that the core offering was solid and reliable it didn't feel like I'm using the support I'm paying for.

    Security updates

    MT installed some security updates to patch major holes a couple of times, which is always appreciated. They'd only patch the OS and Plesk though, we were responsible for the site software. Still, this service was certainly appreciated.

    Mandatory upgrades

    Over the course of our 5 year stay we were forced to migrate servers twice. The reason for this was that they rolled out a new platform with new versions of everything and were shutting down the old stuff. One time we were happy to do it, the other not so much (although it's a great test of disaster recovery since on both occasions we restored from backups on purpose as a test).

    A couple of months ago we were told that for the third time, we'll be required to move, and we have no option to stay on the current service, and that they'll shut it down eventually.

    The shutdown hasn't happened yet and in fact it appears they may have changed their mind about it, because initially they were going to shut it down by August 2013(ish) but we're still running.

    Linux only

    These guys only do Linux and make a point of it. Not because they have anything against Windows, mind you; they just want to specialize and be really, really good at one thing. Moreover, they only do a small number of highly tested configurations, which also sounds like a good idea.


    Solid reliability. Good support. Feels safe. Expensive. Linux only.

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    I need to re-test their servers sometime, as I have no idea where some of my old research went.

    I actually prefer hosts that upgrade/migrate servers. You don't keep getting charged yesterday's rates for some antiquated servers. It's never good. Like you, I've been upgraded several times by several hosts -- ALL of them good!
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