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    Thumbs down is a scam

    i got a vps from have really low prices vps but after using it.this is not worth it. The support is really bad it take them 2 to 3 days to answer any ticket. First the vps was not what i order. then i couldn't get access to the control panel and my last ticket just got ignored with no answer and they close it.I have 10 more days to the end of the month and just don't want to deal with theme any more

    this review is to warn you.So do't repeat my mistake

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    First, no need for the large text, we can read just fine.

    Two, seems like you paid for a cheap VPS, and got cheap service. What did you expect, I wouldn't call it a scam. Are you saying you have no VPS or you just can't access the web interface? - Host on Cloudrck
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    AAHH my eyes(the large text) indeed you got what you paid for
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    Recommended reading from last year...

    "Virtix Technologies and DixHost VPS Questions"

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    The bold enlarged print is not a good look.
    Out of Guadalajara, Mexico. Site full of spelling mistakes, and VPS for $10/month. What exactly did you expect from someone guaranteeing only 99% uptime, or promising 88 hours downtime? Sounds like the downtime already started for you. Run!!!
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