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    Do you know Hostrich ? Run away from them

    I must say that i have tried and i am using a lot of different hosting services, but none has done what hostrich has done to our website
    1) The domain was expiring at the beginning of september and we paid on august.
    2) they pretend they never receive the payment although they sent us the invoice !!!!
    3) after that they never answer us anymore and on the panel control our domain was marked as not renewed !!!
    4) we contacted in australia Melbourne IT, but they kept repeating us the same contact hostrich directly although they were the same company !!
    5) we asked to go daddy to get the domain and few days after everything was back to normal.
    Now we are still asking for our money back but they don't reply anymore.
    What a company of thieves is Hostrich !!!
    Be very carefull with them !

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    Good to know, I guess their billing system sucks.
    I find that even big companies have billing trouble though.

    I still feel safer with bigger companies for important services, at least there are people to look into the issue if there ever is one.

    Although I find Web Hosting is good with smaller companies, they are less strict on what can be done. I don't feel the same about domains though.

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    Hi platinum,

    I don't understand, did they suspend the domain for non payment or what?

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