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    starting a webhosting business

    Is there any opportunity for a new business out there? I feel like there's no way to make it to the top with the top web hosting providers offering unlimited everything at a really good competitor price.

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    I disagree, although the market is currently quite saturated making it difficult for a new business to start up with the right knowledge and planning it is still possible although difficult. Marketing may become your main problem, trying to make your business stand out so if you have ideas to do this/contacts to help you I think you will be able to keep going, it'll be hard starting though so make a good reputation in communities like this and stay connected to people

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    Your better off concentrating on your local market. if you rely solely on sites like this you are going to struggle.

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    I agree with the comments above, starting a traditional hosting company is near to impossible in todays world. There are so many massive hosting companies with enormous marketing budgets that competing with them would be extremely difficult. There are a few opportunities for companies which focus on niche/ specialised markets. An example I would use is, which is a hosting company which focuses on delivering an easy way to setup very good looking websites, at quite a low cost. I think the way to go is by providing value-added services, just offering hosting is unfortunately not enough.

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    Re: starting a webhosting business

    A new business that is just starting should never aim to the top. It will take years to get there to compete with the biggest providers. Instead, you should focus on offering your something unique that others don't have and maybe after a while your business will becoming popular.

    To answer your main question: there is always an opportunity even in the web hosting industry and you should go for it if you have enough time and money to invest.

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    It can be hard to start and keep a new company in today's industry but if you plan to do it right and try to make your money back quickly then you will most likely fail and cause you to not focus on the important things first things like uptime , support , software updates. There are a lot of aspects that come up when you are about to start a new company. Best advice right here : keep your head up . Don't lie to clients . Don't pack your shared servers with clients spread them equally so all clients are running equal to each other and no one is hogging CPU or anything else.

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    Both "unlimited" and "starting a hosting company" are recurring topics on this forum. There's a ton of comments, just browse or use the search.

    Yes, I'd say that there's still an opportunity. However, I'd try to build the company slowly and probably run it on the side in the beginning. You need volume to pay salaries of one, and hosting companies tend to need several employees to operate.

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    It's a question of resources really, if you're passionate about this business, you can carve out a niche and service it well. If your goal is to compete with GoDaddy or're asking all the wrong questions, and setting up extremely unrealistic goals, especially if you don't have the resources (budget, etc.).

    I've been running a small private hosting gig since 2007, it's profitable and fun...for now : )

    I find this business interesting and fun, lots to learn, and you can be as big as you want as long as you have the time & money to invest. Otherwise, start small, work your local market, and learn how to build a profitable online business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by userkiller View Post
    Is there any opportunity for a new business out there? I feel like there's no way to make it to the top with the top web hosting providers offering unlimited everything at a really good competitor price.
    Is there any opportunity for a new business out there? - what a question !?!? of course there is always!

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    Starting a new business will not be easy of course. There is always opportunities available but you need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into and have a plan. Aiming to be at the top I don't think is something you should be worried about right away, but more about establishing your business.

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    Patience is what you need when you start a web hosting business. It will take time before you can actually says you are in the market already :-)
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    I am preparing to start a webhost bussines and I ask myself the same there chance for success?

    I believe there is!

    I do not expect many clients in beginnig,I do not expect to earn much money in beginnig!As someone above told I know I need patience!And off course lot of effort and time,and some money to invest.

    I think that I need some kind of unique offer,affordable price and very good support for future clients.And,once again,PATIENCE!
    I think that is the way to success.It is long and slow process but it can be done.

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    I think it's a good idea. Well, it depends from person to person, I guess.

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