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    Where does the data come from?

    SalesGenie, Hoovers, D&B, where do these companies get all the data from?

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    All over the internet... and directly from the companies themselves (DUNS number, etc). Where don't they get the info... press releases, financial releases (balance sheet, etc), etc, etc, etc.

    Nothing magical... just a lot of people working hard to pull disparate information together.
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    One of the ways that Data Aggregation companies work is by buying information off other companies, packaging it and selling it as a full product. A good example is with credit reporting. All of the data comes from banks and lending institutions and yet they are also the customer of the end product - why? because each institution has bits of data such as current loans, defaults and applications but has only data for loans of their own.

    So on the one hand, they sell the data for a relatively low price to the aggregator, yet on the other hand they buy it back as a package from all participating institutions for much more.

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