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    Anyone got an address for these people or person. Believe lads name is Jamie, company UK-VPS or Futuro IT Ltd. Probably works from his bedroom judging by the woeful service and support we've had for a long time. Lost all credibility with our customers that had websites hosted on one of his VPS's. Thankfully moved to a professional hosting company now and should have done it a year or two ago but a lot of damage has been done to our business and credibility in the meantime so looking and determined to get some money back from them.

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    Quick whois of domain shows details below.

    Registrant Name: Jamie Clarkson
    Registrant Organization: Futuro IT Ltd
    Registrant Street: 36 Milton Road
    Registrant City: London
    Registrant State/Province:
    Registrant Postal Code: E17 4SR
    Registrant Country: United Kingdom

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    thanks thats what i have

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    Quote Originally Posted by lw-host View Post
    Futuro IT Ltd, 36 Milton Road, London, E17 4SR
    That's also what they have registered at Companies House (Company No. 05658001) which lends some credibility to it.
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