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    vps server with serverhub offline

    I have 2 vps server with serverhub. i take these from offer in this web site " WHT Promo - Xpression R7 - w/cpanel and softaculous". their support workable though not excellent. But one of my server goes offline today for last 24 hours. I open a ticket about this but no response yet. Even no acknowledgement. I just set a new auction web site here. It is very discouraging. I need the database before i start with other server. Can any one suggest me to solve this problem or any body from this company can help me by quick start of my server?

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    They are a pretty big company. Don't you have telephone support? Or have you tried flagging them down on chat and asking them to escalate your ticket?

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    I live in another time zone about 10 hours difference. I opened a ticket but did not get response. However it is love again after 16 hours downtime! It is a big company no doubt. But can not say support is excellent. Any way, thanks all. It is possible to have server at US$30 maximum with following spec

    2 core CPU
    with Memory 2 GB minimum
    Space 60 GB to 100 GB
    Bandwidth 4 TB to 6 TB
    Type Fully managed
    IP 3
    Whm/Cpanel yes
    Reverse DNS

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