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    Windows-based program to measure website loading time?

    Mods: If this question is incorrectly placed, apologies. Please feel free to move it to a more relevant section. I tried by best to place it in the most relevant section.

    Is there any Windows-based tool out there which can measure website response and loading times ? Similar to how Pingdom does it ?:

    It should tell me two things:

    1. The overall time taken to load the website
    2. Give a breakdown on all individual files loaded, and what were the request/response times for each of those.

    Pingdom does exactly this, but website based tools do it from their location, so it doesn't give me an exact answer on how fast/slow it loads in my country, especially when I'm on the other side of the planet.

    Also, I would prefer is it supports scheduled checking, to recheck every 10 minutes or so, to get an overall average.

    How Pingdom does it:

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    This is the best:

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHornet View Post
    This is the best:
    Although they support multiple test locations, it still doesn't give accurate results from my own geographical location's point of view ..

    Which is precisely why I'm searching for a windows tool/program which can do this ..

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    Most internet browsers these days has developer tools with a network analysis.

    I really like the one Internet explore has:

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    I second the developer tools, also because they will give you the most realistic value compared to the online services (see lazy loading and ajax). - Is your site up?
    Multi-Location Service Availability Check ● yes, we do HTTPS & IDN!

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    windows program via site or command line?

    with a little c# know-how a command line tool to spit out a report would not be that hard. Anyone else think this is a worthwhile tool or I should put my time where my mouth is and just write one?

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