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    Site without Javascript

    IS it possible to create a responsive site without using javascript in your webpages ?

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    Depends on what you define as responsive, but generally yes. - Is your site up?
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    Yes, that should be possible.

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    Yes it is possible to create a reponsive site without Javascript.
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    yes I think that's possible
    you can use HTML5 and CSS3 without javascript

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    Specifically, you could use fluid widths and floats (both well supported nearly universally) in your design.

    You could also use CSS3's @ media queries (this is what Twitter Bootstrap does). For example:
      @Media (min-width: 500px) {
        .something {
            display: block;
    These can also be used in the media attribute of the <link> tag to specify different stylesheets entirely.

    In fact, I would say ideally opt to avoid relying on JavaScript for a responsive design whenever possible. Making layout changes would require waiting on the DOM to load, and may force the browser to redraw the page, so especially on slower mobile devices the page might jump for the user after it loads.

    Additionally (also especially important on mobile), the browser may start downloading things it ends up not needing after all. Often browsers are able to tell when an image is not displayed and skip downloading it, but if you use JavaScript to change the visibility, that code will probably execute too late for this optimization.

    So yes, it's possible, and in fact even preferable.
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    Thanks for your suggestion but from where to be a master of css and html?

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