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    Var/log/exim main log is this security issue?

    I see this in

    Var/log/exim main log

    Does that mean the IP tried to hack?

    date 1VPgUe-0051Rh-4Q <= [email protected] U=root P=local S=4405 T="lfd on blocked (US/United States/" for root
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    Really isn't anything to worry about. LFD took care of the issue for you by firewalling the IP

    We get hundreds of these a day on our servers.

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    It might be kind of a spam attack not a hack. Lfd's taken care of it. Nothing to worry about.
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    It was generated by lfd. As far as you are using strong password, you should not worry about it. Also, make sure you have changed the default SSH port and restricted IP addresses to allow SSH access.

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