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    Pay To Click Sites?

    Hi guys,

    So I have been trying to find a market to jump into for a while now as a project to run in my spare time. I am quite competent in programming using PHP and know I can create a PTC site, I also know that PayPal doesn't allow this type of site and neither does Payza, so I know I need to find a reliable payment processor. I also understand the industry, as I have run semi-successful PTC sites in the past (way back in 2007 - 2009).

    OK so my questions are as follows... If I was to create a pay to click website, using original coding and design etc, will there be room for me? Is there currently room in that particular market for another new starter? And finally is this type of industry still a good one, one where I won't be wasting my investment and time/effort if I was to build one?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Pay To Click Sites?

    There is room for a new PTC site as long as you can find enough advertisers. The problem with PTC is that the ads are very poorly targeted so finding advertisers might be hard.

    If you want to make your new site popular you have to offer more ads and pay more per click than other sites. Most sites offer only 4 ads per day and pay less than $0.01 per click. If you can do better than that you should be successful.

    On the other hand, PTC has never been very profitable especially for users. It will take over a month to earn $2 without any referrals. That's why referrals are the key in PTC business and you have to focus on a good referral system to attract users.

    I haven't been in the PTC industry for few years so I'm not exactly sure if it's easy to start from a scratch in 2013. There are thousands of small PTC sites with premade templates so having an unique design and system is an advantage. Is there something else you are planning to offer that others don't have?
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