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    Exclamation Be carefull with the quality service at

    The experience I'm going through with this provider is unbelievable (not in a good way).

    I decided to share my disappointment in public considering this could help others to avoid a headache.

    For who might be interested this is so far my story:

    I've been using the service for a VoIP PBX for almost a year since they were VMSTORM, during this year the server was shutdown twice (once was actually deleted) for no reason having us to change IP ADDRESSES twice in the past (For IT people is clear the nightmare this might become when there are services linked to this IP's in some other servers and terminals in different countries)and all we got was apologies. [So far a normal issue with any cheap provider was my thought] then we found out that the our account on the customer portal (which is mounted on WHCMS in a poorly way) was not properly set having us with messed up login issues for a while, the issue was fixed at the end but things didn't stop here... anyway.

    Nowadays the issue is even worst, today is almost two weeks they put our VPS offline (since sep 16th) "FOR NO REASON" again. As soon as I called (on Sept 18th) to their phone line (because the ticket system is not working either) considering the emergency I got noticed that:

    1st. Due to the package we have we are not suitable for phone support.
    2nd. The account was disabled for lack of payment since July and “NO A SINGLE EMAIL” was received notifying this situation on July neither in August! [The results of their invoicing system]

    Same day (Sept 18th) via e-mail we notified to Jeff Myers ([email protected]), and support team ([email protected], [email protected]) with this issues. The response was received from Ethan Nichols saying that they would have to send the invoices for us to make the payment and then go back online as soon as payment was done. I agreed and asked for the invoices (those were never sent to us until today).

    On the next Monday (Sept 23rd) the accountant of our office notified us the service was paid normally in the previous months and their claim was not correct, immediately we sent an email to Ethan Nichols ([email protected]) copying the support([email protected]) with the information of such payments (which were set to be automatically charged since the beginning) and waited for a response that we never got, on Wednesday (Sept 25th) we had to call since no one replied the email, I was attended by Dave who gently said he understood and would look in to it and would reply back to me via e-mail as soon as possible.

    Today Sept 27th, as the service haven't been restored and no e-mail was received after the phone promise made by Dave we had to call today, for my surprise the answer once I introduce myself (To Dave who attended me again) was literally "Oh hi, yes I remember your case, unfortunately due to your package we are unable to provide you phone support and you will have to address this subject to us via e-mail".

    Obviously I complain right away to Dave and he apologized and said that he would look for the previous e-mails to attend this subject.

    Still as the moment I'm writing this testimonial, our issue haven't been solved, we have the server out for almost two weeks, the ticket system is not working on our panel, the WHCMS invoicing system is not showing our payments neither the last invoices and looks like they simply don't care because our package is not suitable for their attention.


    As provider of IT services myself, in my field I hear the frequent complain mentioning that cheap service customers are the ones that issue the biggest amount of complains, and by this experience I understand the reason, providers do not care about the service quality on the lower services and this is not correct IMO.
    If you are not ready or in conditions to support the service you want to provide then don't do it!
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