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    Free Senior Network Engineer

    Senior Tier 4 network engineer with data center focus looking to volunteer time, preferably to open source, non-profit and ethical businesses.

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    What is a tier 4 network engineer?
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    Tier 4 Escalation point. Ideally Networking issues escalated through tiers 1 through 3 before reaching the Tier 4 Escalation points. Tier 4 Escalation points are the designers of a given networking segment with a deep intimacy of the design, configuration and hardware components used. Tier 4 Engineers act as subject matter experts for their given area. Mine is Cisco NX-OS.

    The Tier 5 Escalation point is the network architecture board usually lead by the principal network architect.

    Tier 1 is the Network Tech who does the basic troubleshooting and resolution. Tier 2 are Network Tech Leads, Tier 3 are NOC subject matter experts who are generalist and not intimate with a given networking segment.

    that is the way I see it, anyways.
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