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    Your Virtualization Choice

    Your choice in Virtualization is :

    1. Xen
    2. KVM
    3. OpenVZ
    4. VMware

    & Why ?

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    Xen! Primarily because it offers the best isolation from neighboring VMs.
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    KVM for better isolation of resources and other containers, and the truest hardware virtualization of any virtualization platform.

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    I personally like xen because we have the choice of windows and linux operating system

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    OpenVZ because of performance and ease of use. Just my opinion. Would like to try Xen sometime.

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    OpenVZ is a great virtualization technology, but easily oversold by greedy providers and thus having much worse reputation than it deserves. We prefer Xen for paravirtualization and linux native KVM for full virtualization.

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    Your Virtualization Choice

    Quote Originally Posted by vStan View Post
    KVM for better isolation of resources and other containers, and the truest hardware virtualization of any virtualization platform.

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    +1 for Xen
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    Both Xen and OpenVZ are great. Xen is better for slower machines where an I/O problem can appear with slow raid array. - Web Hosting with DDoS Protection | Shared & Reseller in Europe/North America
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    KVM or VMware, solely because of the complete isolation. Full Xen virtualization would be fine as well, but not para-virtualized.

    It's tiring to deal with hosts who recompile kernels without certain modules or can't fix a clock. Having full isolation gives us the freedom to get things working correctly without dealing with the host.
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    Your Virtualization Choice


    With Linux we use XenServer now free.
    With windows we use windows 2012 (amazing performance)



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    you can use open vz for linux and you cant to use for windows
    i thing xenserver is goofer than another
    vmware is good but you cand fige dedicated resurce

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    OpenVZ... Its fast, easy to manage, runs on just about anything.

    Its just got a bad rap because so many webhost over sell it to the point of impacting performance of the whole node.

    I've been looking into KVM recently so that will most likely be the next virtualization type that we offer.

    I also use Hyper-V 2012 on a personal level for test environments. I like the older versions better personally.

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    I prefer HyperV 2012.

    We have run XenServer for a few years but it's pretty ironic that the Linux support is better in HyperV than XenServer...

    The XenServer paravirtualization is horrible for Linux - only a few distributions supported.

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    +1 KVM
    Plus OpenVZ for lower price for Linux
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    Great isolation, dedicated resources and "true-er" virtualised hardware.
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    KVM then XEN. Never OpenVZ for me unless it's low priority/personal hobbies.

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    +1 for Xen.
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    Re: Your Virtualization Choice

    I use OpenVZ for hosting small and not so resource intensive things. When more power is needed, Xen is my choice. OpenVZ is usually enough for me so I sometimes choose it because of lower prices.

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    We're running OpenVZ internally for our website and other small development projects, but customers go straight onto Xen. We had some bad experiences with KVM.

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    + 1 for XEN, as it's more stable and without any issues on Linux or Windows VPS.
    -1 for OpenVZ as majority times the providers will oversell the server resources and it's noticeable.
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    Honestly, since I generally am rolling out something like a Wordpress or a Django site, my requirements are pretty generic. Because of that, it boils down to the reliability/management of the host itself. There are some providers who offer OpenVZ instances that have better reliability/uptime/performance that some Xen and KVM providers that I have used.

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    KVM. Virtualises most of the server that is not private, and does not allow overcrowding (I think)

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    We've been using KVM from our beginnings 3 years ago. We are very staisfied
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    I personally like Xen then OpenVZ.
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    +1 KVM
    It is Possible running SolusVM and Virtualizor on KVM.

    +1 VMware
    It's easy to use.

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    Good question
    VMWare, firstly -- no fuss solution that just works. Great when I need a vm up in a hurry.

    Secondly, KVM.

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