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    Server for Interspire


    I am looking for someone that can provide me monthly server,configuration and maintain my IEM.


  2. Hello Bernard,

    Welcome to WHT!

    How many users do you have? Do you have a budget for your hosting project? Where are you located?

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    I have got an existing Interspire with all the addons, i will need someone to provide vps or dedicated server and also monitor my IEM with all the IPs etc etc. I have got approx 15 client with me currently and average sending of email at 1 to 2 million. Can you give me some suggestion.

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    Do you have any idea if you want to have the servers hosted in Europe or United States?

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    Thank you for your interest shown in my enquiry. I have got no preference where to host it. May i ask what is the difference?

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    Hi, maybe you should check a few things after:

    - most of your visitors will come from what Continent/Country ?
    - any idea about HDD/Traffic/RAM you would need for your website ?
    - are you sure you need a Dedicated server, or maybe something smaller like a VPS may suit your requirements?
    - any budget for this solution ?


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    I think vps will be good for me as a start. My client were mainly from Singapore. My budget approx $250 every month. Anyone can provide the server to me now? will need to send out edm on monday.

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    You can check the offers section about Virtual Servers in the Singapore area or US West Cost area too, checking your latency first against that provider.

    Providers like OneAsiaHost have servers in Singapore.

    Good luck!

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    bro thanks for the info

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    Have a look at PhoenixNAP, great service, support and facility. Either Phoenix or Las Vegas would serve well for Asia, we have many Asian clients and they love it. The power is reliable in those two locations and good connectivity, not to mention you save money which providers hand that down to customers.

    Seattle I would use more for Japan, Korea and China.

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    1-2 million emails! Sounds like its a busy cart. How my space are you using and what kind of bandwidth are you consuming? It doesn't sound like you have anything out of the norm; its a busy account - which is great to here.

    Good hunting!

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