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    * Website with study material


    I have a small educational website that uses Wordpress and hosted in The size of the website is under 100 MB and the monthly bandwidth is about 4GB. I get around 100 - 200 visitors daily, mostly new visitors.

    NFSN is an awesome host for small startup websites. I have been having this website with them for the last 3-4 years and I had to contact them only 1 or 2 times. They are no-nonsense people, they deliver what they promise and I am happy with that.

    Now as my website gets more and more visitors, I am planning to expand the site with audio, video content, eBooks, Flash-based tutorials. I might also go commercial and offer educational courses.

    I am willing to spend around 10-15$ as month. I am little bit afraid of "unlimited" plans, not sure who to trust. Could you suggest me a good, reliable, popular host, which can offer 5 GB - 10GB of space, 100 GB of bandwidth and 256 MB - 1GB memory. I would prefer explicitly stated limits than "unlimited plans". Please suggest.

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    It sounds great that you are looking for reliable host

    If i were you, i would continue with the same host and upgrade to their plan which suits my requirement

    It's all upto you . Best thing you can do is google for some hosts, and end up with a host

    Search for the host reviews in the forums .Isn't it simple ?

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    Why I am moving out of NFSN

    If "Search in google, Search in forum, end up with somebody" is all the best advice I am going to get here? Humour me

    I think I did not make it clear, why I want to move out of NFSN. It is because of disk space costs. They cost 0.01 cent per MB. For example if I host 2GB of data I would end up paying 20$.. If its 5GB its going to be 50$ in a month just for disk space. On top of this bandwidth usage costs! See

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    Done my research

    I have done my own research a bit - means googling, going thru the popular posts in WHT for the past one week (That much I love my website I am devoting so much time on finding the next host).

    I have a list of hosts (no unlimited carrots):

    These are some of the websites praised here and get very few bad reviews. The reason may be these are smaller companies, so very few reviews. None of them even have a wikipedia page.

    This is where I am looking for expert opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sri2013 View Post
    asmallorange - This is EIG Now
    I've bolded the names on your list I've had direct experience with (either myself or through the site of a client), service was/is always stable with them. I like the fact that you prefer realistic limits over unlimited, always good to hear that there's still a few of us left. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    Most Webhosts will custom make a plan to fit your needs. I suggest asking your current webhost if they are willing to make a custom plan for you. Of course this will be a little more costly.

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    So sweetly low priced...

    Hawkhost offers ~6GB Space + 90GB bandwidth for 6$
    MDDHosting offers 5GB Space + 250GB bandwidth for 7.5$
    Medialayer offers ~1GB Space + 20GB bandwidth for 20$ (AppLayer LX)

    Aren't the first two so sweetly low priced, while the third looks too costly in comparison? Just my observation, Anyways I trust the members opinion about these hosts.

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    - SSD RAID10 Disk Space - 100GB
    - Bandwidth - 100GB Monthly
    - Domains Hosted - 5

    $14.95 / month
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    Stay with who you are if you like them and upgrade the plan.

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    Thumbs up MDDHosting...

    Hi guys,

    Just an update. After much deliberation and search, I figured out MDDHosting is better choice as they are not one of those guys bluffing with "Unlimited" plans. I have now moved to MDDHosting on Basic hosting plan. I got 50% discount on my first year contract and I can see/monitor the promised resources (space, bandwidth) available to me.

    I had few queries regarding my application setup and their tech support answered my tickets almost instantaneously.

    Glad I have made this choice, Thanks to WHT. In future, anyone searching for my kind of requirements, I would definitely point them to MDDHosting.


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