I have been marketing on internet since I was 8 years old, where I sold my first website for $5,000 to one of my parents friends and have climbed my way up the business/technoloigy sector and achieved most of what I have wanted to already, at 32, I own a large web design company in Chicago, as well as a SEO And development office in Denver.

I have lots of clients to bring over to you, so I am asking for some things inorder to get our ball rolling. First off we need our own dedicated server, which will be pushing streaming videos, the numbers i heard so far are affordable.

I am looking for a full time work from my office position. I have thousands of contacts and many with influence to help bring in some large advertisers, let me know your thoughts

Take care and I look forward to working with you in the business please email me at [email protected] thanks again,