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Thread: Offsite backups

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    Offsite backups

    I'm looking at offsite backup options for 1 of my servers, as I need to start using rsync. My dedicated server is in Europe and I need around 400 GB of space for the backups.

    What would guys suggest I do, get a dedicated server for this or look for hosts that offer storage hosting. If you have any recommandations please feel free to give me some links.


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    A low-end server with 400-500 GB space would be a good solution.
    You can also look into back-up space, but I think the pricing will be around the same depending on who you go for. - Online in no time
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    The cheapest Kimsufi would be ideal for situations like this, unfortunately they stopped selling it. Could even get 2 Kimsufis for redundancy, they are cheap enough.

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    BuyVM has some low priced storage VMs, they are in Vegas so very far offsite from Europe

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    kimsufi / online(.)net just grab a low end server and manage it all yourself

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    Thank you all for your replies. The thing is that I don't need all the resources that a dedicated server or even a VPS offers. All I need is the space and BW. Are there any shared hosting providers that would offer high space with low processing specs and ssh connection ? If anyone knows any good example please share a link.

    Thank you.

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    Shared Hosting providers will usually not allow their space being used for backup purposes. Your best bet would be to grab something like a storage VPS from BuyVM or Backupsy.
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    BuyVM has excellent low cost Backup VM's. Large disk space, low RAM. No issues so far. - Host on Cloudrck
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