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    Hosting Service Question

    Okay, I am starting up a web design business and I'm curious, I want to offer a hosting service but how would I go about doing it if I don't have access to there domain account to setup things like the URL Forwarding. Basically I want to know how to offer a hosting service If I don't have control of were they registered there domain to setup URL Forwarding(Something I need(as far as I know) to do.)

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    Most (if not all) hosting providers run their own DNS servers.
    Will you offer cpanel with the hosting plans ?

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    Do you have any plans or idea of what you will be offering? Once you decide if you are using a control panel or not you will get that answer.

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    If you don't plan on using any billing system or automation (WHMCS for example) then getting a reseller account that gives you access to cPanel's WHM (WebHostManager) you can use this to create sub-accounts with individual cpanel access and pass the credentials to your clients from your design service. This is the most cost effective way if automation is not of importance to you.

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    +1 for a reseller account. Wherein you can host your clients websites and can manage them individually. It will be cheaper also for you as compared to other plans.
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    This may sound stupid but what and how would I use a control panel I'm new to that kind of stuff. Honestly the only thing I know how to do is Host Websites I have full control over(i.e the domain registrar)

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    My suggestion start with a small reseller hosting account and they will be able to guide you with all of this. They will provide you with all the information you need.
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