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    Looking for Cheaper VPS currently with HostGator

    I have been a HostGator Customer for about 8 years now. I haven't had too much problems with them. Customer Service is great.

    I started out with Shared Hosting but as my websites got more traffic i had to move to VPS.

    I am now on VPS Level 3. I would like to move up to Level 4 but the price is 80 dollars a month. I find that too expensive. And i have never looked anywhere else. So i am wondering is that normal price? Should i stick with hostgator or find something cheaper and more powerful.

    I run a vbulletin forum and a filesharing script.

    vbulletin - about 1000 unique visits a day (3000 page views)
    filesharing script - about 50 - 100 unique visits a day ( 200 page views)

    The reason i want to get a more powerful server is because these 2 scripts cause my MySQL's CPU load to 100% and the memory usage hangs at about 20%

    Any Advice?

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    That's definitely on the higher side of pricing, but not ridiculous. Have you looked at the offers section? It will take a few minutes, but I suggest going through the ads and narrowing things down to the companies in your price range. Keep in mind that the HostGator price includes cPanel and management. Then search WHT for reviews to see how they compare. If you find some that you like, it's never a bad idea to email their sales department directly and ask if they have any unadvertised or "refugee" specials running.
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    It is clearly expensive. You can get a lot more for cheaper with WiredTree or KnwonHost. Check them out.

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    Re: Looking for Cheaper VPS currently with HostGator

    Take a look at ServInt, I have been happy with them for over five years.

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