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    How to calculate power requirements for a rack?

    I am planning to use 4 of DELL PowerEdge C1100 1U Rackmount Server + Firewall (not decided yet)+ Switch (not decided yet)?

    How do I calculate my power requirement for this setup ?

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    The best way to calculate the requirements would be using a clamp meter. You can also try to calculate it by dividing the watts of your PSU with the volts the dc gives you but it's not the optimal way to determine how much you would use but how much your server is capable of.

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    It is also a good idea to find out what would be the average power consumption for each server and each device. Dell should have published some benchmarks on PowerEdge series.
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    The above posts are on point.

    A cool thing about Dell servers is they have an online "Capacity Planner" app to show you wattage and other information regarding servers (and more). It may be worth looking on Dell's site to see if your server is listed. Unfortunately, I didn't see this device on the capacity planner.

    Then you would need to calculate in the additional devices as stated above. You can get a kill-a-watt type device for cheap to check the devices as well.

    Hope this helps a little.

    It doesn't seem this server is available for purchase any longer (they offer comparable systems on their site), but you can likely contact them for the power usage in your config:
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    Thanks . I appreciate this information

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    The C1100's with the L5420 processors, 16GB memory and four regular drives uses right at 1.3 amps. The L5520 versions might be a little more power but probably not much more.

    Buy yourself a Kill-A-Watt meter.. That way you can check the usage before you take it to the data center. Only $20 at Harbor Freight


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    Remeber the current (amps) drawn will depend on the voltage supplied at the data centre. It's not clear from your post where you are, but it's worth confirming this with the DC too.

    Power (watts) = Amps * Voltage * Power Factor

    You can assume a 0.90 for the power factor as a good rule of thumb, but this can vary between 0.8 and 0.95 depending on the equipment.

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