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    Looking for an good VPS with reansoanble price

    Hello, does anyone has an VPS with a config similar to this one?
    I need an VPS to run cPanel, here is what i would like:

    Disk space: 500GB, 1TB or 2TB
    Bandwidth: Unmetered, 1TB or 10TB
    Memory: 2GB, or more
    Root access
    A tool or provider that makes easy to create reverse DNS

    Kind regards
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    Lightbulb I have a VPS currently contracted with ServerHub

    I have a VPS currently contracted with ServerHub, not to recommend putting hands in the fire, but so far so good on my VPS, and I plan to later upgrade to a dedicated, here are the prices and their characteristics ...

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    What do you consider a reasonable price for that much disk space on a VPS?
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    According to your requirements, it's good to have a Dedicated Server.

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    With this space hardly can find a VPS, I think you should try to get a dedicated server.
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    This more to custom VPS where I suggest you contact any host to see anyone able to offer you such Spec.
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    An ready to use package for that amount of space might not be readily available. Some may just do a custom setup for you but at those requirements a dedicated server makes a lot better sense.
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    Financially it would be cheaper to get a dedicated server,

    For example, site5's highest disk space plan (unmanaged) costs $600 monthly for 1.2TB disk space. Most dedicated server providers charge around $15-$40 per month for a 2TB HDD.

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    Re: Looking for an good VPS with reansoanble price

    You can have a look at buyvm large storage series

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    +1 for dedicated. Take a look at the budget options at WholeSaleInternet,, OVH (if they have orders up), or Dacentec. does have some high storage vps packages available, though I'm not sure if they offer 2GB of ram with those. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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    try contacting ramnode or fliphost. I use both and they are nice.

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    BudgetVM is cheap and it just works.

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    Disk space: 500GB, 1TB or 2TB
    I think you will find the 500GB, but higher capacity of HDD is more likely on dedicated server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ControlVM View Post
    This more to custom VPS where I suggest you contact any host to see anyone able to offer you such Spec.
    In my opinion it is not hard to get 500gb or even 1tb.
    That is possible but it will be expensive if he will stick with VPS.
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    Pricing wise I have seen a VPS with large disk still scale quite well, and allows for easy adding of disk later on.
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