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    Reseller pricing and service

    I'm using ENOM and I'm wondering if anyone has had better pricing and/or service from other resellers? And does your reseller charge $250 when the domain goes into redemption?


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    $250 is a bit overpriced. The registrar charges $80 to $150 + a little something for the reseller for the "paperwork", so anything over $200 would be overcharging in my opinion

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    445 might be a good alternative if you're looking for integration with billing system like WHMCS.
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    Enom is a stable company but their prices can be a bit more than their competitors.

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    Are there any hidden costs with domain reselling. I currently use resellerclub and I am not sure if there are.

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    In case of ResellerClub there are payment gateway costs (paypal or and that of course also applies when your customers pay you this way.

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    I think mines charges 150?

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    Just checked, mine charges $75. - Is your site up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montobhan View Post
    And does your reseller charge $250 when the domain goes into redemption?
    Dont let domains exceed their expiry dates is the simple 'fix' for paying redemption fees

    Registries charge for recovery of domains, and there are plans to charge additional fees for domains that reach expiry date, not just redemption date.

    The solution is to adjust your billing/processes to take this into account.
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