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    Looking to get into VPS

    I've been providing shared hosting for 10yrs and have been getting requests from clients about VPS. I've done some research and it looks like it's reasonably easy to get into in terms of my existing managed service big question is around support, are there a lot of things that go wrong with VPS hosting? On average do you get more tickets with VPS vs. shared....or maybe a lot less.

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    You probably get fewer tickets on the VPS side than you do with managed customers, however, the issues can get a little bit more complex.

    I would strongly suggest that you purchase a few different VPS systems running different configurations (resources, virtualizations, operating systems, etc) to get yourself familiar with how virtualization works. This will give you first hand experience as to which VPS architecture you want to run.

    Second, I would STRONGLY recommend you bring in someone that knows VPS systems inside and out to work with you as part of your business. The fewer tickets you have to submit to your provider, the better off you will be.

    It's not an easy road to get into. Believe it or not, it's easier to get into dedicated server hosting. Still have the same issues as VPS/Shared, but you don't have to deal with a virtualized platform in the mix.
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    If done correctly, no you shouldn't run into many problems with VPS hosting. However, you still should have solid knowledge of the virtualization you use. If you nor anyone else on your staff has solid knowledge of running VPS's then I would either suggest not getting into it or hire a 3rd party management company.

    In terms of tickets, it would depend if you offer managed or unmanaged VPS plas. If you offer unmanaged VPS plans, then no you shouldn't get that many support tickets. Unmanaged means you are only responsible for making sure that the VPS is online and accessible. As long as that happens you should be golden. - Specializing In Dedicated Servers and Financial Hosting
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