I am 5+ years experienced Linux server administrator. I am now looking forward to get a reputable full time technical support position, or a part-time position. I also have experience with WHMCS billing with lpanel and modern bill, ubersmith, hspc , PBA and also worked as sales /support in web hosting industry.



Experienced in Amazon Web Service
Amazon AWS cloud computing
System Administration on AWS Cloud Computing
AWS virtual server and various services like -
EC2, EBS, S3, CloudFront, ElasticIP and etc.
Customizing & Launching My AMIs.
- Editing Permission on AMIs.
- Launch Instance
- Creating Security Groups, Key Pairs, Network Interface.
- Handling Elastic IP using Public DNS.
- Handling Instance Lifecycle Terminate and Reboot.
- Monitoring EC2 using CloudWatch alarms &CloudWatch metrics.
Amazon Simple Storage (S3)
- Creating Buckets
- Uploading & Downloading from s3
- Storing Images on S3 (Bundling)
- Granting Rights to specific users.
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
- Creating EBS volume from 1GB to 1TB.
- Configuring logical volume from EBS volumes
- Booting EC2 instances.
- Stop and restart instances from EBS volumes while preserving state.
- Creating EBS volume Snap shot and storing in S3.
Amazon CloudFront.
- Creating Delivery Methods.
- Content delivery Steaming using S3
- Content delivery Downloading using S3
- Making CloudFront delivery using Edge of S3 services.
- Assigning rights on the Delivery Methods.
AWS Management Console.
- Administrating Windows & Linux server on AWS.
- Day-to-day Activity on Amazon Web services.
- EBS & S3 using Management console.
AWS Database services.
- Creating and managing RDS instances
- Creating and managing Elasticache instances
Amazon EC2 , ELB, RDS,Securiety Group,S3,Cloudfront,VPC,Cloudwatch
Live Streaming Architecture deployment in AWS


Expert in cPanel ,Plesk, Enzim , DirectAdmin and servers without control panels.
Experienced with VPS(Virtuozzo), OpenVZ, XEN, VmWare.
Server Monitoring, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Administration
Ensure maximum server up time
Install / Upgrade / Update System & Security Softwares
Protect servers and scripts from exploits
Manage DNS, Email and Web servers
Deploy any 3rd party software tools as may be needed by in house development team
Maintain Database servers (MySql, Postgray SQL) Backup / Restore / Troubleshoot
Well experienced with working for many leading data centers and webhosts
Well experienced in handling L1/L2/L3 level tech support, Security and Installation works.
Passionate about advanced Linux IP firewall and security.
Excellent written communication skills.
Excellent technical training skills.
Excellent team building and leadership skills.
Well experienced in leading offshore outsourced teams for webhosts/NOCs

Email - [email protected]
Skype - chaitanyarhce