Hi I admin a site offering free SMS, currently to the UK only, we are a charity helping homeless people in Brighton, UK and beyond.

It would be nice if I could add more destinations than just the UK.

Currently I'm using a 3G dongle for sending and receiving SMS, using a UK sim with an unlimited plan.

Obviously the SIM card, dongle and unlimited SMS plan costs money, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the following:

If you provide me access to a dongle or other means of sending bidirectional SMS in your country, then I will do the same with my own system, so if for example you have a setup that sends SMS to the USA only, and would also like to extend your coverage, then get in touch.

Currently my dongle is plugged into a Raspberry Pi, which is connected to the web-facing server via a VPN tunnel.

Check out sms.streetunity.org to see what I have done so far.

Thanks for reading