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    * Tired of your host? How about an E3v2 with TWO FREE MONTHS just for switching?

    2nd and 3rd Month is Free for qualifying orders!


    * 1st month fees due up front.
    * Cpanel required for fully managed support (some exceptions apply such as Windows)
    * You pay only Cpanel/Windows fees for 2nd and 3rd month

    What does FastServ 'Fully Managed' mean?

    Not all managed hosting is created equal. FastServ sets the bar higher on fully managed hosting:

    * Knowledgeable staff - 10 years average experience in Linux and Windows server management
    * Zero-downtime Migration
    * Continuous hardening and security updates
    * Stateful Firewall management
    * Private Cloud (XCP/Xenserver6)
    * Free Software installation (includes accelerators such as Litespeed, Nginx, Varnish, ect)
    * 1-minute interval Service-level monitoring

    We will monitor your server and make sure you are never faced with the following issues:

    * Random downtime
    * Repeated Hacking and security problems
    * Website errors
    * Server crashing
    * Unhelpful or canned support replies

    Read more about our Managed Hosting features:

    You have an uptime guarantee. So what? Everyone does these days...

    See the Hyperspin report below, regarding our actual network/power uptime history -

    How many hosts can say they've had nothing worse than a single, 12-minute spanning-tree loop in the last 6.5 years?

    Bring your sites and applications to us and enjoy the same uptime.

    And finally, the 100% Up-time Guarantee backed with an SLA:

    Fully Managed E3v2 Power House

    MANAGED E3 v2 1230
    E3 1230 V2 CPU
    16Gb RAM
    2x1TB HDD
    (RAID-1 or Primary/Backup)
    Free migration service from your existing host
    Premium bandwidth (10TB or 100Mbps dedicated unmetered)
    West and East Coast Datacenter
    Fully Managed Support

    $169/mo (licensing extra) with Coupon Code: wht2013 ($100/mo discount!)


    Speed Tests:

    East (Ashburn/W.D.C.) Speed Test:
    West (San Diego) Speed Test:


    *All prices reflect month to month terms.
    *7-day cancellation notice required

    Please see additional terms and conditions (Privacy, AUP, TOS) on our site:
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