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    Exclamation Got an infraction for something I didn't do.

    Hi there WHT staffs,

    I got an infraction and my thread was removed from Shared Hosting Offers category.

    The reason is:
    One ad per seven days (Defeating of the 'One ad per seven days' rule).

    But I never made an advertisement thread before there.

    Was this some kind of mistake?

    If so, can you please bring my thread back? Or maybe I can post it again?

    Thank you so much,
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    You better send this directly to a moderator, otherwise you might not get a response.
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    Thanks for reply Alek, I was thinking of PMing the Mod who gave me the infraction, but he clearly states in his profile that he dosen't reply PMs.
    Whom shall I contact regarding this matter? Thanks
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    The alert was simply the wrong title. You have some other things to discuss on the help desk.

    We'll close this thread so you can continue there.
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