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    Marketing a web hosting service

    My question is do you have any previous experience with marketing a web hosting service either online or offline, was it successful and what ways do you think are effective in setting yourself apart from the competition?

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    That is the million dollar question on WHT
    Tha fact that matter is that you have to be creative to set yourself apart from the competition.
    If you ask your competitors how to set yourself apart this will not help you
    Anyway - whatever flows your boat. Blog, submit articles, be helpful, get your name out there.
    And most importantly - be patient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kambone View Post
    If you ask your competitors how to set yourself apart this will not help you
    Couldn't agree more. You need to do market research to discover which niche, if any, you could possibly fulfill.

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    I think this thread should be moved to this section

    You should first find your target market and evaluate how competitive it is. Personally, I have found marketing to a local niche market is much easier to establish a customer base than widespread advertising online.

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    Really depends on what kind of service you are offering, If your just offering webhosting service and thats about it. Your best bet is to rely on WHT and time. Unless you have bunches of money of course that you can waste.

    So next thing is to do is evaluate your business skills/talens, can you design, code, audit, special in word press or simliar. These are the types of things that start to offset your company.
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