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    Hi there!

    So here is my problem people:

    My friend told me about website so I could order my VPS. Now, I opened 4 invoices because I did not know when will I receive my money from work. When I finally got it, I paid 1 invoice for VPS.

    After A WEEK, I got a response from my ticket where I asked him when will I receive my VPS.. He said in netherlands "Problem solved" o.O ???? Then I asked him again, that I paid 20 to him, and he said "What about other invoices?" I said that he can cancel them because I was trying to buy everyday

    NOW, every 2 days or so, I receive an email about a new invoice created! o.O ????? I've sent another ticket, and an email but no reply.. He is also sending me reminder, that if I not pay, other things will come up.

    So what should I do now? Can he go to court? Or force me in anyway to pay him?

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    Understanding how you created 4 invoices is somewhat unclear, but if you have ordered 4 servers and received 4 servers, then you need to pay for all of them. But if you received only one server and cancelled the others then you need to pay only for the one you ordered. And finally, if you have not received any servers and paid for one, then you can request a refund for services not rendered. It is very unlikely that you are going to court for this, if everything you write is true.

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    Yes this is exactly like I wrote.. I paid for the VPS, haven't received it.. Now im constantly receiving reminder via email And almost every 2 days, new invoice is created LOL... Scam alert maybe?

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    You ordered 4 VPSs for 4 days, because you didn't receive your VPS on your first order? Give the web hoster some time to set up your account and server!
    hi there!

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    Dispute your payment or call up your bank. Good luck disputing with PayPal as it's an intangible item and isn't covered by buyers protection.

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