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    HostingZoom, after 7 years. Terrible support.

    I signed up for a "cloud hosting" plan 7 years ago. That was their best shared plan, and I needed something reliable for my company's website and email (15 users).
    I was paying ~100$/year and everything was going well.

    After 4 years, the email problems started. A lot of our customers weren't able to send us emails, because they were blacklisted.
    The problem was solved in some days.

    The issue repeated 4 or 5 times during the following years, and every time the support was slow, and every time they said the issue was finally solved.

    I didn't changed provider because I didn't want to risk the losing of some important data.

    Lately the price increased to $155/year, I asked to remain on the old plan but they said that was impossible. Ok, let's pay $155.

    And now, the opposite mail problem: we can't send emails to the biggest Italian ISP's users. We are an Italian company, dealing with Italian customers only, and suddenly we can't communicate with 70% of our customers. I guess that sometimes happens, and I decide to wait some hours and see if the issue solves by itself.

    I open an emergency ticket. After 14 hours they say the issue isn't clear, and ask more details. I provide more details 2 hours later. Ok, details received.

    Silence for 1 day. I ask for updates, and for a possible solution that can avoid this problem in the future. I'm willing to pay an extra addon or something, if this will fix the issue.

    Silence for 2 more days. We're now at 3 days of silence. I ask for an update.

    We're at 4 days of silence and I submit a reply with the error details of an other email. We still can't send emails, since 5 days.

    Silence for 4 more days. 8 (EIGHT) DAYS since the last support reply. 9 (NINE) DAYS without email. I open a new ticket, asking for account cancellation and refund for the last invoice, paid 4 months ago.

    24/7 support finally replies!!! "we are checking the issue, but we can't find any email matching your description.".
    Wait, seriously? So, for 8 days, this ticket was sitting there abandoned? That's what "emergency level" tickets are for?

    A salesman replies too. He's sorry for the delay, but they don't give refunds. But don't worry! We have great news! We're installing a super-uber-mailspam filter that will reduce blacklists to ZERO!

    I went ahead and requested the cancellation. I don't want to deal with this kind of companies any more. I hope my next company's support is better.

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    Sorry to hear.

    It's the unfortunate growing trend of either a company becoming too large or quietly sold to a company that doesn't care. Even a few hosts that were on top of the game are now avoided.


    Usually when things are this sour;

    1. Backup your files and look over your account usage (this will be helpful in #3 )
    2. Find a new host (look in the shared offers section)
    3. Make a list 5 host that fit your needs
    4. Research reviews on those hosts, contact with every question you could think of including migrations
    5. Get set up on the new host
    6.Then shame the old host

    A lot of times publicly shaming a host will make them respond faster than lightning and fix your issues, BUT you also don't want to upset them where they block or delete your account. Then your back to square one......from 7 years ago.

    Good luck

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    Hello, yes, I already backed up my cPanel, and I already moved everything to a new host on day #6 . I had had conversation with this new host for months (since the previous issue I had), also confronting them with these email problems, either via their support and via Reddit. They always responded very quickly and they seemed professional.

    I've also read good reviews here and on /r/webhosting, so I hope to have a better experience this time.

    Thanks for the good luck

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    Try to get a dedicated IP as other users on the same server cannot get your IP blacklisted then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teto9001 View Post
    Hello, yes, I already backed up my cPanel, and I already moved...

    Thanks for the good luck

    Excellent and You're Welcome

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