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    Arrow Is this normall ?

    Hello .

    I used to craete auction thread in Advertising forum . It was .psd designs auction. For the first few months people bidded in my auction . For the summer months I had no biddings. I know it is normal thing in summer months but now is the end of september and I still don`t have offers in my thread . Do I do something wrong or this is still normall ?

    Regards , Bartek

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    I looked at your posts, and my humble opinion is that nobody is bidding because what you offer is simply not interesting enough (eg. too expensive, too amateuristic design, awful typography, low quality design esthetics etc etc.)

    in simple terms: your offerings suck. Do something about it.
    hi there!

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    JayNL , you may be right about current offer I created , but the previous designs - different from now - have been sold for few months - so I am not sure If the quality is the problem .

    I want to thank you for opinion .

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