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    Question Expiring domain fraudsters

    I own a domain name for a website that is very brandable. There is a .com domain name that's the same as mine and its in the process of expiring. I have got over a dozen emails from all sorts of places offering to sell it to me. Some are (so called) companies that say they are selling it for them and some say that hes the owner of the domain name and he'd like to sell it to me for x amount of money. I'm assuming the majority of these are scams but how can I tell if it's really legit or not (what proof should I ask them to provide)? Has anyone else ran into this scenario? Also, is there a "point of no return" in the domain expiry process where the original domain owner cannot do anything (such as transferring it)?
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    The domain is probably expired and up for expiring auction.First check whois at, if domain is up for expiring auction or for sale it will show the auction link. You can also search the domain in auction platform such as namejet,snapnames, and godaddy ,or place backorder in them.
    Also if it is in redemption period domain can be renewed for extra fees.

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