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Thread: Pets at Work?

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    Pets at Work?

    Do you take your pets to your office so you and your employees can interact with them?

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    nop it could be a good idea but some wont do there work

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    Never bothered to do take a pet to work - but I know that certain companies allow it. IMO it would be rather odd to have to watch your dog/cat as you worked.

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    Dogs do a lot of sleeping (depends on breed).... so I don't see a big deal with having them at work.

    I don't have a dog so I don't have one to take anyplace.
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    I take mine to the park fairly early and then she sleeps all day on a couch in my office.

    Its only awkward when she has a bad dream while im on the phone. erf erf erf | Tennessee Based Hosting Provider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SPINIKR-RO View Post
    Its only awkward when she has a bad dream while im on the phone. erf erf erf
    ahahahhahha I can totally picture this.

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    My pets live at my work ... Which is my home
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    A workplace cat would be a welcome addition to the office

    Anybody thought about having fish thanks in their office however?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl_CLOOK View Post
    A workplace cat would be a welcome addition to the office
    Yes, especially if it starts typing to customers while you are making a coffee

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    The Business Cat meme comes to mind...

    To be honest though, quiet pets wouldn't bother me as long as they didn't make a mess everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacgrp View Post
    Do you take your pets to your office so you and your employees can interact with them?
    You'd be surprised how few people get along with gorillas. Bob stays at home now.
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    KWCH a news station in Wichita Kansas allows pets.

    Millie (also known now as The Weather Dog) is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that was born in Oklahoma.

    Ross Janssen's cousin convinced him that having a Corgi would be the best idea. After a little hesitation, he decided to make the journey to Oklahoma and pick up the last female in the group. Ross decided on the name Millie because his cousin had a dog many years ago (an Airedale) named Millie, and he liked the name.

    Millie’s good behavior and passion for adventure is the reason why she goes with Ross almost everywhere. She’s been to the top of a mountain outside of Boulder, CO, been on a number of storm chasing adventures in western Kansas, and has even carried the rings down the aisle at a wedding. Millie travels to school talks with Ross and usually entertains the kids, while he's trying to teach them about weather.

    You will commonly see Millie on KWCH in the evenings and usually on weekends hanging out in the Weather Center. She is definitely a big dog trapped inside of a small dog’s body.
    She "Millie" is the only reason I watch the news anymore.

    Even though I moved from Kansas to Arkansas I still like to check so I can see Millie.

    She's even got her own office chair.

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    That's too funny Chad! I wish my work had animals, it would really lift up the day sometimes.

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