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    Cisco Highly Available Network Routes

    Hi all,

    I am colocating several servers and am working on the the most fail proof Network setup since I will be an hour away in the event of disaster.

    Here is my setup :

    2 100Mb network drops from Provider
    2 pfsense boxes in transparent bridge mode
    2 2950 switches trunked on port 1

    The pfsense boxes have 4 nics; 1 WAN, 2 used in failover LAGG each connected to 1 switch for LAN, 1 not used.

    To better explain the LAGG device, imagine the Pfsense1 eth1 connects to port2 on switch1 and eth2 connects to port2 on switch2. Pfsense2 eth1 connects to port3 on switch1 and port3 on switch2. The LAGG device is a Failover setup for the LAN interface.

    The part of my setup I am struggling to automate is blocking ports 3 on both switches while I can ping pfsense1.

    Many thx in advance for any insight.


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    Hi All,

    For anyone interested in how I was able to get this setup working, I simply had to enable stp (rstp) on my bridge interfaces within pfsense1 and 2, set all my edge ports on my cisco switches and disable portfast on my ports 1-3 on each switch.

    Now I have pain free super HA networking : ).

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