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    Searching an ad script

    Hello !

    Currently I am using an ad script, but I am having a cache and SQL issues, my server is about to die. Literally.

    I decided to change the script I use.

    My requirements;

    -Must have advertiser/publisher sections (I don't need a BUYSELLADS script, I need a regular script.)

    ad types;
    -banner (ppc)
    -popup (cpm) (not necessary)

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    Have you tried OpenX ?
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    You can also try this its very new.

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    +1 for OpenX.
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    OpenX seems to be the best since a lot of years

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    AdManagerPro is very good. Great support and reasonably priced. I prefer it over OpenX. Can serve a lot very fast. A good turnkey system, with enough flexibility. And it runs on a more diverse array of server configurations (less finicky). AD sales process is good for the customer and easy for you. Learning curve no too bad.
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    OpenX. I have been using it since the phpAdsNew era, so you can be assured that it is matured and reliable.

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    OpenX looks like a reliable solution.

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