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    Colo in Washington State?

    I've done much reading, continue to do more. I'm new to colo, looked at other options, but this turns out to be the most preferable, as far as I've learned up to this point! A local internet provider for instance seems pretty out of the question.

    I (will) have two 1U servers. I did the math, and found out monthly bandwidth, if full use, would have to be around 10TB out.

    But after that (and even somewhat with that), I'm in unfamiliar territory, though I've read a good deal.

    Eventually I will be getting paid for what I have in mind, if all goes well, so cost is mainly a concern starting out. And if it doesn't pick up, I'll will be using much less bandwidth... But I think starting strong in case would be important.
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    Haha, oh boy, what do I know. I did more math and testing, and discovered a local ISP would just about cover bandwidth for $110, or $160 a month.

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    Is Washington State a requirement? There limitless colo offers out there that are just a FedEx stop away. For everything else, you just want to look for a reputable provider in terms of uptime, performance and customer service. Some other items you might want to consider are the number of IPv4's included, uplink port speed, and availability of remote hands (and costs).

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    Daze, I'm still curious as to what the site(s) are going to be about. It sounds like your site will get nearly the same amount of traffic as the biggest one I tech-admin for. ::chuckles::

    There are many providers that can do collocation, of course. Don't limit yourself to WA State (I lived in Seattle from 1991-1999. I miss that place insanely, haha!), especially if your visitors are spread out all over the US.
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    StealthyHosting, *******/Coloinseattle, may be some options. I have no experience with their services but their reputation seems good. 10 TB is like 40 Mbit of traffic on 95%-ile (assuming "normal" traffic patterns).

    EDIT: Maybe not since at least one of these is a blacklisted word on WHT. I wonder why...
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    What type of servers are you planning on using for the colo? If they're some power hogs pricing might be a little higher, most colocaiton comes with around 1amp of power by default from what I've seen.

    Seattle has a good selection of providers out there, I'd not use the one that's blanked out. (We just moved our last rack out of there yesterday) StealthyHosting seems to run a pretty good shop we haven't used them however only heard good things about them.
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    I'd love to send them elsewhere for better general overall access by the US, but at the moment, it looks like, if that's the case I might buy another 2 servers in the future to move off somewhere.

    I've tossed around the ideas for hosting. The servers I ended up acquiring would run much more than a website, so to kick something off (to try to make money and break even), I've been plugged into some game communities over the past. I would like to host game servers, and can afford to beat out all the competition, and can provide good deviations on admin options, along with mid-low quality voice servers as a convenience...

    So the website idea might be a stand-off for now. I bought the domain just in case, so we'll see.

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    seattle is a very popular location in Washington State - colocation, dedicated and cloud quotes

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    Does anyone still recommend WANsecurity in Kansas city, though I'm unaware on their specific services. I am looking at x2 1U, requiring possibly (!) 40TB's a month per machine.

    Since I don't have a wattmeter, but I know what the servers do, is an estimation possible?

    The x2 Intel Xeon quad core (2.66) run at 25-50% roughly 20% of the time, the hard drives accessed at about the same rate (aside from when there's remote control, though I supposed it doesn't matter much if they accessed at intervals frequent enough to keep them going -- though, it is likely it would contain only one HDD and one SSD), the processes are mainly RAM intensive.

    The most I see needing for connection would be 30mbps up. And a more accurate average would be 5mbps up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duze View Post
    Does anyone still recommend WANsecurity in Kansas city, though I'm unaware on their specific services. I am looking at x2 1U, requiring possibly (!) 40TB's a month per machine.
    They don't have anything in WA as far as I've seen.

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    Thank you.

    .I guess the thread has changed to something probably midwest.

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    For western Wa look at telx, savvis, equinix, and internap. Tierpoint has presence on the eastern side and western side now as they just merged with another provider.

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