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    * PowerDNS SolusVM - Massive headache

    4 days trying to get this working, but...

    I have /24 block.

    On this post:
    Quote Originally Posted by enotchnet View Post
    You should really just be able to say
    "I would like to manage the ptr records for my assigned ip block using my own name servers. My name servers are as follows:"
    When i ask to DC for rDNS subdelegation they replied with this:
    The Delegation for XXX.XXX.XXX.0/24 has been set and you are able to control the settings for the Block.

    I have followed this (maybe 20 times):

    On my domain registrar (enom):
    Domain -> Advanced Tools -> Register a Name Server, and then: -> XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (Ip of master powerdns vps) -> XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (Ip of slave powerdns vps)

    I ask for help on DC and on SolusVM, they don't help too much.
    OMG, 4 days, and can't? I'm Fail? Game over? Impossible? I can not surrender!

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    I believe have solved the problem.

    The problem is with my root sql password, that contains special characters like pass#word, and this # comment the line. (lol)


    How do i use it on pdns.conf? I have commented my password. OMG!

    pass#word = pass(commented the rest of password).


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    Looking at the source to the config parser, pDNS will only read a line up to the # and there doesn't look to be a way to quote/escape the value. Best bet would be to change your password to not include #'s

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