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    Increase in NOT followed page, can I redirect to homepage?

    I am seeing this message in Google Webmaster Tools

    Google detected a significant increase in the number of URLs that we were unable to completely follow.
    After investigating further I found that Google is pointing out the URLs that are being generated by the "voting" button I am using at the end of the posts (its a plugin).

    I am in touch with plugin developer too but it seems he doesn't know how to fix it because he said the plugin is using Ajax technology and it WILL work like that.

    Here is my idea, please help me about it

    I was thinking that in the past when I deleted around 50-60 useless posts then I was getting the same error message in Google Webmasters that 404 error pages have increased, then I installed a plugin that actually redirects all 404 pages to the homepage.

    After that Google didn't show that error message, I am thinking to redirect all those links, that Google is currently showing, to the homepage using some code in robots.txt or whatever you suggest?

    You can see my site to get the idea

    example post -

    voting button is at the end of the post - DON'T click that button but just right click > open in new tab and you will see that the new page will NOT open. That is the error Google is talking about.

    Waiting for your help
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    I tried several times and it always opens the same page in the new tab. Have you implemented redirect already or ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousB View Post
    I tried several times and it always opens the same page in the new tab. Have you implemented redirect already or ?
    Same here, however I enjoyed your blog

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