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    configure backup server

    i need your experience on how config FTP server for backup users?
    which software need?

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    How are you planning to offer this? You can install a ftp daemon on the server and then add virtual FTP users where you can back up data to. A daemon like pure-ftpd will allow you to setup virtual FTP users and also quotas. Or you could create a normal user on a linux server, and use filesystem quotas, but I wouldn't recommend this unless this box is solely a backup server and you're locking it up tight.

    Is this for you or clients? I'd strongly suggest if you were looking to use a 3rd party to do this.
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    First create FTP account then use rsync to transfer your backup files to FTP server. rsync is the safest and easiest method to transfer files between servers. You should prepare a cron job as per preferred time to transfer backup files automatically.
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    When I read this first, for some reason I thought he was going to start a backup company.

    If you're going to simply backup users website files, then BestServerSupport's response is fair enough. You will probably want to setup a reverse rsync on the target node or other method of ensuring that if your source node is compromised, an intruder cannot tamper with the backed up data as well.
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