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    Which for this traffic? VPS, dedicated..

    Hi, On my website i have sometimes 30 visitors per sec and in this time my hosting is weak for this traffic and load more then 30 sec.!

    I am from middle europe, traffic is from USA, germany, australia, UK.

    What would you prefer? VPS, dedicated serverm or what? If VPS or DED SERVER, which will be fine?
    I have maybe 150 000 visitors per day.

    when my hosting is down -
    if i have big traffic -

    Thank you for offers, i look for some companies

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    if you are getting 150000 visitor per day, i think you should go with dedicated one, but some company offers good vps in cloud, that can also work for you.

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    If you're getting 30 visitors/second at peak, I would most likely go to dedicated server if you're hosting dynamic content.

    What is your budget and what are your VPS specs now?
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    I have normal hosting now with 10php workers, other parameters i dont know. I look for some companies, and price is +- 220 dollars. I try dedicated, but dont know which company is good, i am from middle europe but probably is better chose company in USA with USA servers.

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    If you can do it (and you don't have a mission critical website), I'd try collocating the server. It may be more expensive up front, but you'll save money down the road. ... Otherwise, dedicated.

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    I would choose dedicated server.

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