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    Flash video opinions?

    Hey guys , I'm trying to make some flash video tutorials for cPanel for a business I'm hopefully going to launch soon. I've made a very basic login one , and was hoping to get your guys opinion on the professionalism and quality of it , thanks .

    Small problem though , it's a pain to find anywhere online to upload .swf files! This only working site I found changed the resolution of it though . If you're using google chrome , do the following to get it back to normal quality/size if you're using chrome (once you've gone to the video link) :

    Menu > Tools > Developer Tools
    Then in the embed code , change the height and size part to width = 800 height = 570 instead of 100%. This should get it back to the normal size!

    Thanks for any opinions/advice! Still gotta put a logo on the intro part by the way.

    By the way , I have realised I misspelt configure in the final text box already .

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    (Damn edit button disappears after a while it seems!

    Here's an a lot easer link than the above stuff :

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    So this is video for a particular business?
    It looks fine to me.
    There are some mistakes with the text, some commas missing. The password text needs correction.

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    Yes , hopefully for a web hosting business I will be launching soon. The intro screen will be improved a bit as it looks a bit bland , and I will add the company logo once it's been made.

    I think I've got all the spelling corrected , but can't quite see what's wrong comma wise , or what's wrong with the password text? Are you just referring to the spacing between the words (which I have now sorted now as it looks a bit bigger than I thought now I look at it) ?

    Thanks for your help!

    Just about to get started on a few others now!

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    It just doesn't sound right.
    Something like this sounds better to me:
    "Along with the username, you should have received a password.
    Enter it here. "
    Good luck

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    Ok, got basically a final version which is all done except the logo! If anyone has any opinions or suggestions it it would be very helpful before I copy this style and design for about 20 other of the most frequently asked questions .

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