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    Cool - 10 month review (my super-positive customer experience)

    Hi all!

    I have been lurking in this forum for a while now and I have found quite a number of good hosts and a few excellent ones.

    This time around,I wish to write about aka

    First of all, I am neither a good writer nor well-versed person in terms of the hosting industry.

    My first foray in to dedicated servers was due to my intereste with VPN and at that time I need a couple of locations for my vpn.

    I googled and was brought here. Then, in my search for good hosts, I found serverdeals' offers. I signed up for their atom (11/27/2012)from Denver and almost instantly it was "delivered" to me.

    My server performed well without a hitch and I never experienced any downtime. None that I can remember. For this I will rate them 10 of 10.

    Do take note that their servers were semi-managed but in spite of such, it was like a managed service.

    There was one time when I lousily installed openvz and my server went in to a kernel panic. Dominic responded in less than 5 minutes literally and my server was back up and running. For me, that was a big plus because rarely can you find a host that will actually spend the time to fix a problem that was caused by a client especially in a semi-managed server. Even on some software related things, Dominic was also very accomodating. It was like I can bug him 24/7 for any issues I can encountered. I know, if it were other hosts, they will simply upsell me. It never happened here. For this, I will rate their support as 10/10.

    Performance-wise, my server with them was really responsive. Technically, I do not know how to substantiate this but on my applications, it never failed. thus, I believe they deserve a 10 of 10 for this too!

    Pricing, I must admit, there are other hosts with better prices than them but, based on my experience, even managed servers failed to provide enough support. The support I got from a couple of managed server hosts are not even half of what I got from Serverdeals. For a noob like me, their price is well-worth it. I will give them no less than 9 of 10 for this.

    I purchased my fourth server from them now in their new location and I am very excited for it.

    For noobs like me, I can strongly recommend They can never go wrong with these guys.

    Entirely, aka is a superb host.

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    Nice review. Glad you are enjoying your server with them.

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    Always good to hear about excellent hosting providers, especially when I am in search of a good provider myself. Thanks for the review

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    Thanks for the review! It's always great to hear of another happy customer.
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    Colleague told me of this review. I am delighted to have provided you with quality service and hope that you continue to come to me for any help you may need. Nice to see your needs were met and satisfied!
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