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    Smile which payment providers to integrate after 2co, eway, pp

    We have a hosting company but this request is for another e-commerce enterprise. It's an AJAX cloud shopping cart in BETA for noobs, end-users, solopreneurs, users like that. Very nice and simple to use. Anyway, we're building in the payment provider modules and we've got paypal, 2co and eway (early cstomer request, i think they're big in oceania). Worldpay is next.

    So - what comes after that? What other providers would you suggest to add and in what sequence? What are the "Big 5" of the payment provider world? We have, and Molpay (Southeast Asia) Alipay (china) already on our list. We just don't have priorities set yet.

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    consider also payza
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    Skrill (previously knows as Moneybookers).. this is also being used widely.

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    I want to suggest Stripe. They're pretty limited in terms of availability but I think they're going to become pretty big once they let more countries in.

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    Skill has much demand in market for online marketing

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