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    Question Software router recommendation for personal use on ESXi.

    I've always used ClearOS as my go-to software router for personal use just because of the ease of setup and it has a lot of modules that I normally use. For some reason every time I install ClearOS on one specific ESXi host it stops working within a month. I've tried installing from the ISO and the OVA without any luck so I'm taking this opportunity to try something different.

    I grabbed the latest Vyatta ISO because I have a lot of experience with it and can get it to do what I need fairly easily. I also grabbed the latest Cisco Nexus 1000v OVA to play around with since we've moved to a primarily Cisco shop at work (vBlocks, UCS, etc...) but I've read that the free 1000v version doesn't support IPv6.

    Any recommendations? Basically I just use the router for DHCP, NAT, and port forwarding but IPv6 support is required and a PPTP server is a bonus.
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    Vyatta is what I've used with ESXi in the past and I haven't had any problems with it.

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