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    Managed Dedicated server in Europe that will prevent spambots from using mail server

    Here's the story. I'm the owner of, it's a portal with 28.000 registered members, Joomla database, phpbb forum and LOTS of spambots sending emails from our email relay. That was and still is a permanent issue!

    I had my site in those hosting providers:
    2012: Hetzner: Was paying about 70 euros per month. Once per week I was getting email from [email protected] telling me that I was spamming sites and that I have been reported in Spamhaus. I was always replying to them trying to find a solution with my webadmin.
    2013: Stagnom: I was paying around 80 euros per month. Everything was ok until 9/9 when I sent a mass email to my registered members. THis resulted in the mail server exceeding limits (for that particular month I guess but I will never find out).
    Now: I moved to Redstation: I pay around 85 euros per month. But Redstation says that the daily email limit is 100 emails. I have 10 editors working in my site and we send about 30-40 emails per day plus about 60-70 emails that are sent from JomSocial (Joomla's social network component)for:
    A)New user registrations (they need to be validated through email).
    B)Notifications (when replying to forum posts, community groups, article comments etc.)

    So basically this 100 emails limit from Redstation is useless! Even if I ugprade to 500 or higher packages, it's not sure that it will be worth paying, and that's because my site has high trafic and I have been targeted by dozens of spambots.

    Various webadmins have tried to fix the issue with blocking spammers but they got no luck till now.

    So in order to finish this case off, once again I need a Dedicated Server in Europe, which will be managed, having Technical Support staff which really knows how to handle any email issue. << snipped >>

    Thank you.
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    How do they abuse your e-mail service exactly? Do they spam due to security leaks in the phpBB software or what would be causing it?
    If it has been hacked 1x, it's possible there's still some backdoors available which allows hackers / spammers to keep on going in and keep on abusing your service.

    It would be useful to first figure out where the security leak lays and look from there.

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    Server that we need
    8GB RAM
    Dual Core CPU
    cPanel or any other free control panel
    Free Migration
    Apache version 2.2.22
    PHP version 5.3.10
    MySQL version 5.1.66-cll
    Operating system linux

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    Have you thought about hiring a third party admin like rack911 who have a good reputation at managing servers and could probably easily handle an issue like this rather than jumping around from provider to provider?

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